18 Year Old Girl Now Rich off $5 & Says Shes Going To Buy Drugs

A small town girl, Alexis Wallace from Howell, Michigan will never live the same again from this day forward. Alexis was struggling with money just like any other 18 year old out there, trying to live on her own.
“My grandpa would always buy me lottery tickets and I always thought it was fun but stupid and a waste of money, so I never spent my own money on them.” She says to one of our reporters Jerry Smith early this morning.
Tuesday, April 25th at 11:30pm she went to 7/11 in Brighton off of grand river to get her nightly slurpee just like every other night.
“Yesterday (Tuesday) when I went to go get my slurpee, I was just on the phone with my grandpa and I told him I had to hangup real quick so I could go into the store. He told me to get him 4 lottery tickets and I could have 2, and he would give me the money when I got home because it was my last $10. I told him okay but it’s stupid but I’ll do it for you Gramps.”
She bought 4 tickets just like her Grandpa told her to do so and drove home thinking it would be a waste of money. When she got home that night they split the tickets and started scratching, the first two for them were losers and She also thought the second one was a loser too untill her mom jokingly screamed “YOURE RICH NOW LEX, YOURE RICH!!”
“I thought to myself oh yeah woohoo I won $10 I can go get a couple pizzas!! But then I really looked at it seriously and sh*t myself when it said I won $450,000! I thought I was dreaming” Alexis told us today with a big smile. She said she was going to give grandpa his $10 back and then spend all the money on weed and hopefully smoke that cookie with ‘7 Mile Clee’ her “man’s”