18yr Old Pedophile Arrested “Escapes Custody”

18yr Old Kryston Ghouralal was Arrested at Clifton Hill around the Vicinity of Holy Name Convent Point Fortin (HNCPF) in Search of Fresh Meat, Officers of the SWDTF Cornered Ghouralal in his White Nissan Tiida an Detained Him, Ghouralal Demanded to Speak with his Lawyer at the Scene, Attorney Om Snyper “Ghouralal’s Lawyer an Mentor” Quickly Came to the aid of this Associate, Om Snyper was on the FBI Most Wanted List for the same Acts of Ghouralal was Identified by one of the Arresting Officers an when told to freeze Snyper Threw his Samsung Galaxy Smartphone which Exploded on Impact, He Then Escapes on his Mario Kart an Ghouralal Escapes in his Wetman Tiida, Ghouralal also Kidnapped a Girl In Process, Snyper was Later Found Dead after his Ex Shot him in the Head while he was on the run, Ghouralal is Still At Large where he is allegedly Hiding out in Rousillac, Anyone who has information on The wearabouts of Ghouralal are asked to Call 648-0777 an order a Bucket of KFC Chicken πŸ”