20yr old women Wanted for Attempted And 1st degree Murder In Saskatoon Sk,

On April 14 at approximately 9:30am in Saskatoon sk, A 20 year old women Attempted to rob two males which Ended With a 25yr old male in Life threatening Condition & the 30 yr old Died at the The Seen, with the Help of Investigators and the 25yr olds description And witness We have identified the Young women as Raylene Wright. So please contact police if you have seen Raylene Wright who is Wanted for attempted Murder and first degree Murder On a 30yr old male And 25 yr old male, She Is at Large and is out in Saskatoon sk, Raylene Has 2 Alisis which she goes by: Reshawn Angelo, and Ray Ray. If seen contact police right away she is armed and Dangerous .