22-year old male shot & killed over disbute with rival gang

Local Resident Ronnie Markee Beatty was walking out of a recording studio where he was approached by 2 other black males, Rumor has it that Ronnie was a big time gang member in his town and also in Camden NJ, Residents say the disbute went on for 5 minutes after which Ronnie who goes by Hell pulls his gun on rival gang members and a shootout took place, Residents say Ronnie”He’ll” was shot 6 times 3 in his stomach, 2 in his chest and 1 in his neck, The other two rival gang members who’s names we cannot disclose was shot severely and is in critical condition, The ambulance rushed to the scene where they found Ronnie”Hell” lifeless on top of his BMW and the other two men on the side of there vehicle, They were all rushed to cooper hospital where Dr.Libiwaulwski determined the situation, Ronnie”Hell” who was shot 6 times died at the scene and couldn’t be brought back, The other two males lay bedrest in critical condition until further notice