22year old male charged with Indecent Exposure.

On April 27th 2017 Parnell Crowchief was charged with Indecent Exposure after an interview with Chip n Dales went wrong reporter Nacy Hicks had a chance to speak with the victims, staff members say that Parnell crowcheif show up to his interview dressed as Michael Jackson from the song thriller with a sunbrero and high heals a Eggplant peanut butter and pickle juice, apparently Parnell crowcheif drank his pickle juice undressed his clothes covered the eggplant with peanut butter placed it on the table and said “look magic” and made the eggplant disappear began to do cart wheels out into the parking lot yelling “I got the job cash me ousside how bow dah” then started break dancing in the parking lot saying “Molly perkeset Molly perkeset” then projectiles the eggplant out of his rectum took a bite said “Solid” and raised his fist.
Parnell crowcheif is 22 years of age and 6’4 280-300 lbs still in high heals and sunbrero if anybody has info regarding his whereabouts please contact 222 tips crime stoppers.