23 Year Old Woman Missing From Lansing Mi.

LANSING,MI– A woman reported missing since early Saturday morning, April 22. Samantha Dokum is a 23 year old. Nobody knows her whereabouts , Police earlier had received a tip that a vehicle matching the description of Dokums vehicle was in the parking lot of Walmart.
Lansing police cheif Michael Yankowski says nobody was in the vehicle,her son is with a family member. He is safe. That is all the information they are releasing right now.
Dokum. 23, was last in contact with famliy members on April 20th and police believe she was last at her house on Christiansen Rd on April 20 She was reported missing April 22.
Relatives are worried because she took multiple medications and they were concerned about her emotional welfare. Anymore information about Samantha Dokum please contact your local police department