25 year old Colorado springs resident wanted for evading police.

A 25 year old local Colorado Springs resident by the name of Abraham M. Garduno, is wanted for 2 counts of resisting arrest, and 4 counts of evading police.

Police say the suspect has fled police on multiple occasions after being wanted for Street Racing. He is believed to be in hiding currently with no disclosure on recent where abouts. What we know is, he operates out of a shop in Fountain, Colorado but is no where to be found.

State officials are releasing his photo and a $600 reward for anyone with information on his recent where abouts.

β€œThis man is dangerous. He has been caught multiple times exceeding the speed limit , sometimes going as fast as 150 miles per hour. This man is a danger to society and must be stopped soon”-Trooper Reynolds.

If you have any information on his where abouts, please contact local Fountain PD, or dial 911.

He is believed to be driving an early 90s Eagle talons, modified excessively to be able to reach such speeds.