29 yr old Greenwood Man arrested after displaying genitals at Crazy 8’s in Seaford,DE

The Seaford police reported at approximately 7:14 pm on April 27,2014 they responded to a drunk and disorderly call from 704 Norman Eskridge Highway. Where they came in contact with a Daniel I. Parker,29 of Greenwood,DE. Seaford Police Capt. Gary Flood reports Mr. Parker was extremely intoxicated and appeared to be under the influence of several mind altering drugs. The owner of the Crazy 8’s establishment said that Mr. Parker began cursing and insulting the female employees claiming they didnt know how to twerk. Mr. Parker was warned by security several times. Upon finishing his beer,he threw it across the bar and jumped up out of his chair and proceeded to take his clothing off and pushed his way on stage where he grouped himself and urinated on equipment nearby including a stereo system. He was taken into custody after a short tussle with Mr. Parker who would not let go of a pole on stage. He was charged with public intoxication,disorderly conduct,offensive noise,damaging personal property and equipment,assault and lied conduct. He was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on a $35,000 cash only bond.