7 year old leads police on high speed chase; Shouts “wu-tang!”

at aproximately 4pm friday a 7 year old boy stole a modified high powered jeep from the parking lot of the Wegmans located on losson road in Cheektowaga. He was seen driving erraticly, and shouting pick up lines to well built women when police arrived on the scene. Upon seeing the police the boy shouted “wu-tang!” from the window at them as he sped off. The high speed pursuit that came next, at times, exceeded 120mph. Police lost the boy and the jeep. He was found hours later at a local topless bar, where he was trying to use owner of the jeeps liscense to enter. He apparently ran the jeep out of gas, despite only going less than 20 miles on a full tank.He was arrested and charged with, DWI, aggeervated assault, driving without a liscense and grand theft auto. Officers state that the boy refused to give them his name, only insisting they ca him “Michael from x-box”. He will be arraigned Monday May 2nd in West Seneca Town court