Americorps Member Guilty of Treason.

Even while President George W. Bush let his constituents know that you are either “with him, or against him,” certain factions within the ranks of United States society (mostly Peace and Justice freaks, as well as good intentioned liberals) were actually advocating Peace instead of a War of Pre-Emption upon regimes which the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) itself had placed in positions of power.

Obviously, when a citizen of any Government makes claims that they have a right to disagree with those political leaders, and power brokers, this is not good.

One particular proponent of ideas such as Peace, Justice, Truth, Freedom, and Functional Democracy actively engaged in Treasonous Crimes in multiple realms. This man was proven to boldly speak truth to power, and even shot down the idea of the belief that war is the good idea. John David Redig advocated for the proposal of removing Saddam Hussein as well as Osama Bin Laden from the positions of power that we handed them to help keep our Network of control alive in areas that would otherwise definitely maybe possibly become potential strangle holds for countries that were not under the management of certain Geo-Politi-Corperate power brokers.

Due to the intensive nature of the “Speaking, and even Shouting Out Dissent, as well as Empowering Certain Communities to Speak ‘Truth of the Money Trail’ leading Dick Cheney, Condaleza Rice, GW Bush, and others directly to the companies which won no-bid weapons contracts (Lockheed Martin), and infrastructure re-build contracts (Bechtel…), as well as rights to the oil found in our newly annexed lands (Haliburton). This use of Freedom inside of a Federalist Democratic Government shall be locked at as Subversion of the Power Structure, Treason, and A Clear and Present Necessity.

If you so much as Speak to Mr. Redig, you will be associating with not only a mid-level musician, but also an Americorps Member, and World Citizen. If ideas are dangerous, and words are weapons, then this man is lethal. If you are engaged in Corrupt Corporate Government Cronieism, or otherwise engaged in having Dissent Shut-Down in a Free Democracy, then I (John David Redig) am going to be found standing in your way.

Peace In = Peace Out
Peace Out = Peace In