Animal activist or animal hoarder???

The local authorities are launching an investigation in conjunction with the ASPCA into a local Rotterdam women. Ashley Vermette, or animal lady Ash as the community calls her, is being investigated for several code violations. In a suprise raid at her Rotterdam home numerous animals were removed including: 13 dogs, 2 cats, 3 pelicans, 1 penguin, 2 monkeys, a lioness and three Cubs, elephant, jaguar, and one rhino. While the animals were being removed Animal Ash was heard in the back of a cruiser yelling “but they all needed love…I love them all!!!” Mrs. Vermette was released under strict supervision, as when she was released she was noted as saying “well…I will get more…you will never stop me!!” In a brief press conference with the local authorities it was stated ” we’re not sure if she did it out of love for the animals or if she is just plain nuts!!” However based on her photos from the scene…we are going with….she is nuts!