Belizean Woman Suspected in Notorious Palmdale Killing.

Suspect in brutal murder of elderly woman
By Shawn Cohen and Caroll Alvarado

April 26th 2017 | 1:11pm

Andrett Lopez, 28
A Belizean woman suspected for strangling her elderly neighbor and beating her over the head with a hammer, sources said.

Workers from the Medical Examiner’s Office remove Pearl-Jacques’ body from the East Palmdale home where she was found dead.
Robert Mecea
Andrett Lopez 28, will appear in court on Monday May 1st 2017.

Pearl Jacques was found at her home on 30th street East Palmdale on March 27. Investigators say she was strangled and also smashed with the hammer.

Investigators believe that the Palmdale resident was hit with a great amount of force after finding the head of the hammer detached from its handle.

Jacques’ daughter and granddaughter found the lifeless body shortly before 10 p.m. Monday. The elderly woman was pronounced dead at the scene