Betty is rescued by law enforcement after getting lost in the fields

Hillery Leanne Clark, AKA Betty, was rescued by local law enforcements after she was found out in the fields.
Hillery Clark, who goes by the name Betty, went out for a nightly walk and ended up out in a field. Betty, got out in the field and somehow got turned around and couldnt find her way. Well of course it was DARK outside.
Betty did have her cell phone with her, she contacted her good friend Wilma. Wilma talked and tried to get her calmed down because she was crying in hystetics because she was lost. After a few minutes, the phone went dead. Wilma then called 911 explaining her friend Betty was lost in a field. Law enforcement agencies were then called out on a wide manhunt for Betty….
After a 6 hour hunt with local law enforcement agencies Betty was found safe and sound. Betty says she will never go walking without a GPS ever again……….