Blockbuster Video’s Return

Blockbuster Video is attempting a comeback. The fallen videostore giant has decided that despite being defeated by Netflix and similar providers, there is still money to be made. This is based on the idea that some people still prefer a physical hard copy of a movie or game.
The store is looking to open fifty stores across the country, in larger cities, during the next two years. This new expansion is the result of Blockbuster Video founder David Cook and Dish Network founders Jim DeFranco and Candy Ergan agreeing more or less that, “There is money to be made.”
A few number of Blockbuster video stores remain in Northern states such as Alaska and Oregon. The success of these stores may be due to having long cold winters where people are more inclined to stay at home and watch movies.
If this resurgance comes to fruition, there may be more stores appearing. More details to come soon.