Branford Man Arrested in Connection with “Kitty-Catapult”

Early Sunday morning Daniel Bunstein of Branford Ct was arrested in connection with the “kitty-catapult” – a device used by Bunstein to launch kittens from his rooftop. Fallowing several complaints from neighbors Branford Police officers were notified of the device Bunstein was harboring in his attic. According to Branford police officials, Bunstein would bring the “Kitty-Catapult” out on his roof under the cover of darkness. He would then begin launching kittens through the air. Neighbors complained of hearing the dopler effect of the kittens, who would meow while being launched over the rooftops. Upon questioning Bunstein admitted that the kittens were adopted from local animal shelters. When asked why he would do such a thing to innocent kittens Bunstein exclaimed “pumpkins are real” and offered no real reasoning for his actions. While the number of kittens launched is unknown one kitten was found crying in his vehicle with R-Kelly’s “I believe I can fly” on repeat, this kitten was clearly traumatized. Bunstein is being held on $3 bond and a court date is set for May 4th at New Haven Superior Court.