Brass may be seeing it’s way out of Navy

Aside from the everyday tools used in ammunition magazines, the US Navy is currently undergoing an investigation on the use of a certain non rusting metal; brass!
After decades of US Naval ships using brass anywhere from piping, to bells, to equipment, investigators have calculated the amount of money used on such metal compared to how much could be spent on other non rusting metals, and the results are astounding!
First, brass is a metal that does not rust. Instead, it forms a blue and/or green coating around it (called vertigre; primarily from salt water) that could be caused from either neglect of care or a leak. Not only that, but brass is also easily damaged if struck or not taken care of.
The US Navy is looking into different non rusting metals to replace all brass aboard the warships.
No further details of this investigation have been released so far, but this whole story was a waste of your time. It’s a joke lol.