Breaking News: Albany, NY man fou d dead in South Carolina home

When officers approched the scene of 9383 Briargates Apts. Columvia, SC they found a lightskinned male looking to be in his early to mid 20’s with multiple gunshot wounds to both legs and the stomach and chest region. Next to the victim was a picture of a little girl belived to be his daughter as well as a fired AK47 Assault rifle in which due to forensics test on a shell found lodged in Mr. Coffin’s chest plate, We believe the fired AK47 Assault rifle was believed to be in possesion of victim 27 year old Jamere Coffin. Aspiring Entrepuenor and Musician known as “DIEGO”. Seeming to be used in self defense being that the scene was his residence. Found on the scene were 2 kilos of Heroin, 5 pds of marijuana, 2 Other 9mm and 40Cal hand guns with Bavs full of ammunition, as well as 75,000 in stolen jewlery.
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