Breaking News: Albany, NY Native found Dead in South Carolina home

As Officers approched the scene they found 27year old Jamere Coffin from Albany NY, Known as “DIEGO” found With Multiple gun shot wounds to his chest and head area next to a fired AK47. Due to Multiple shell casings on the scene and the ones recovered from The Body, it is beleived that the Victim Mr. Coffin is the One responsible for fire off atleast 20 rounds. Inside the apartment looks like they filmed a bloody wild wild west. Found on the scene was 2 kilos of heroin, 7pds of Marijuana and 75,000 dollars worth of stolen jewlery. No Suspects. Were Also looking for anybody family, friends that may knownMr. Coffin and can help us with any information being he is from out of state. Please contact us with any further leads to our ongoing investigation. More TONIGHT at 11pm News Channel 27