BREAKING NEWS!!! Chumbley caught up in an ugly addiction.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Mike Chumbley, Rowdy Rum overlord, banned from Facebook for posting obscene hot tub memes…
While posting memes in most Facebook groups is regular practice, Chumbley has reportedly taken it to the extreme. An insider at The Rowdy Rum told channel 23 news that, ” Chumbley has lost his friggin mind.” ” That’s all he posts now is memes, most of them not even well thought out ones.” “They make absolutely no sense.”
After multiple attempts from his own admin team trying to reason with him, channel 23 news reports that he’s likely to never stop unless he seeks out help.
Recovering Meme addict ” Sotto Voice” knows what it’s like to be caught up in the disease. ” You start off just posting a meme here, and a meme there, then Boom, that’s all you think about all day long.” Sotto is part of a meme recovery group and has quite a bit of “sober meme time”now. Sotto says that he has reached out to help Chumbley on many of occasions but to no avail. “They’ve got to want it”, says Voice. ” Perhaps one day he’ll reach his bottom”, Voice told channel 23 news. ” But then again, that day may never arrive.”
” I’ll always be here to lend a hand anyway I can.” ” That’s what we do in memeaholics anonymous. “