Brittany Brosette saves a fire ant from a lawn mower!

UPDATED:FEB 09 2017 05:02PM EST
VINTON (KPLC) – “I was so scared… I just, I was thinking, I really need to help this ant. They have lives too, you know. Ants have kids and families like we do.,” Brittany Brosette said.

Brittany was walking down her gravel driveway. Her neighbor Benjamin was mowing his lawn. That’s when She said She seen the poor little defenseless ant right in the mowers path. She said her heart raced and She instantly knew what She needed to do.

No one was harmed in this incident. Britanny said she’s just glad she could bring the ant back to his ant pile to spend the rest of his life with his family.

Brittany will be awarded heroic neighbor of the month at this week’s neighborhood meeting.

In the picture you can see the ant reunited with his family.