Canadian Immigrant Arrested for Smuggling Controlled Substances Across the Border

A Toronto man was arrested for attempting to bring a banned substance into the United States.

Niagra Falls Police claims George Gazala attempted to bring in 40 bottles of Maple Syrup past border authorities. This is 40 more than the legal limit.

The SWAT team came to execute Gazala, but they realized that was too easy. They arrested this man for his heinous crime, and he is expected to be charged with the maximum sentence for drug possession.

“It makes me glad to see monsters like this removed from our streets,” Officer Paul Cassin said. “Our great president, Donald Trump banned all Maple products to protect us. We don’t want canada taking our business! I think we should change operations to building a wall on the Northern border, they’re the real threat!”

Gazala was also found in possession of half a gram of marijuana, which will be added as another serious drug charge.