Cleveland man captured in St. Louis after 9 years on the run; Connected to over 50 homicides throughout Midwest

After a 22-hour standoff with the St. Louis PD, S.W.A.T. and several other local units, the nine-year manhunt for, Clifton “Yeah okay” Ware has come to an end. After a tip from a resident, authorities surrounded a house in the 5900 block of Kingshighway. According to reports, Ware unloaded several clips from an AK-47 towards officers. He eventually surrendered after, “running out of food and high speed data”. Ware has been on the run since August 2, 2008 and has eluded authorities by changing professions and looks many times over the years. He is believed to be one the hitmen working for the notorious cartel leader, El Chapo Guzman. He is being charged with being in connection to 57 homicides in Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, East St. Louis and Gary, IN. Police recovered 42 weapons including, 11 assault rifles, 9 hand guns, grenades, rocket launchers and enough ammo to make any neighborhood look like the “last level on Contra”! Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams tells us that Ware is being extradited to Cuyahoga County and that the judge has denied bond, visitors, phone calls and food!