Crazed Cult Leader Shot Dead At Chucky Cheese

Windsor resident Daniel Craig, leader of the cult group Friends Against Good Schools or F.A.G.S for short was shot and killed Monday night at Chucky Cheese on Walker Rd. The F.A.G.S leader was natorious for hosting hate rally’s in front of local schools with his 3 followers claiming that the school system was to good and the children diserve much worse. After deciding to make Chucky Cheese his new church, Daniel Craig tried to make the children on the premise believe he was Batman. Yes Daniel Craig actually thought he was Batman!! After the children got tired of watching Daniel put bowls of cigarettes everywhere they found the nearest employee who phoned the police to which they shot and killed Daniel when he tried charging the police at a shockingly slow speed yelling call me a B***h! Daniel will be remembered by his cat Charlie Craig who was to embarrassed to comment.