Crestview, Fl. man arrested and U.S. Customs Agents Confiscate 900,000 Counterfeit Gummy Bears From Tijuana, Mexico

U.S. Customs agents arrest a Crestview man and seized just under 900,000 counterfeit gummy bears that were produced in Tijuana, Mexico, and were bound for Destin Florida.
The gummy bears were found in an 18-wheeler driven by Louis Wait-forit Steele. The trucker was on a super sugar high when arrested. He had consumed about a pound and a half of gummies before officers could actually place him in handcuffs. The trucks manifest showed that it was loaded with Aye Caramba Beer. One officer stated “It was like trying to baptize a cat! He was jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean.”
According to gummy bear expert, Roberto Vino, the 900,000 fake gummy bears looked very much like the real ones. The only difference was that the fake gummy bears tasted a little bit like hot sauce.
The entire contents were turned over to Customs officials from Washington D.C. who will take the 900,000 counterfeit gummy bears and place them in a warehouse in the nation’s capitol.
SIDENOTE: When asked what will become of the 900,000 gummy bears a governmental official who did not want his name mentioned said that they will most probably be sold to Syria.