Dallas Cowboys Go After Johnny Football

The biggest shocker in the first round of the NFL Draft was the Dallas Cowboys trading for the rights to Johnny Football. Johnny Manzeil, though he wasn’t on the Cleveland Browns roster, the right to sign him to another team was. Jerry Jones was the one who pulled the trigger on a trade that gives Cleveland the Cowboys 3rd, 5th and 6th from this year…and a 4th from the 2018 draft. Manzeil’s agent says his client is “sober and ready to play for whomever gives him a chance.” Mazeil was unavailable for comment and in truth, hasn’t been seen in months. Dallas Head Coach Jason Garrett says, “obviously we’ve signed him as a back-up to Prescott, but we’ve only had one year with Dak.” Jones, the Cowboys owner says, “I wanted him a few years ago, so it’s gonna be good to bring him home and see a star on his helmet.”