Dangerous family of gorillas are on the loose

Darby mobilized its special forces on Sunday and warned residents in the capital not to leave their homes after this family of gorillas escaped from the local Zoo. These gorillas escaped today from its enclosure at the local Zoo evading attempts of being recaptured and reportedly their breaths melted the tranquilizer gun. Visitors were apparently locked in while the zoo attempted to thwart the gorillaโ€™s surprise adventure. In a statement given earlier to Channel 23 news, the zoo said they overheard the family of gorillas saying โ€œMy man these zespy doctas them can’t catch us. Their datay asses will smell pepper if they follow us. Useless goatsโ€ as they talked among themselves. The zoo keepers kept pursuit of these wild beasts but they got away.

If you have any information as to where these domakriculosious creatures could be. Please contact us at 1-800-654-7396.