Denzel Washington will be making his appearance in downtown Fort Worth

Denzel Washington, 84 year old pop star who has remarkably stun the world once again.
This time with a little twist something new he says and sure you will be in for a surprise. He says his acting days are beginning to be like s***, so he’s starting up his own rap game.
I know most of you guys are out there like Denzel Washington out here rapping WTF but it is serious he is out here rapping Envy me he comes in with his hands on his balls, scratching them and then brings his hand up to his face to smell his fingers. Denzel is changing and his changing for the best he says he has a couple of artists that’s also going to be on his album Tupac oh sure Big Mac attack Superman and Beenie Man.
Will be downtown located at the gas station on the side of the freeway.