Eagle Pass,Tx. Resident Gustavo Sandoval caught for reckless driving.

21 year old young man by the name of Gustavo Sandoval has been detained for speeding doing 127mph in a 15mph. He was arrested last night around 10:00PM in Las Quintas area. Sandoval said his speedometer doesn’t work on his Toyota Prius & had no idea he was speeding. He has been charged for Reckless drving, DWI, DUI, No Insurance, No DL, Driving on a suspended drivers license, No Headlight (claims he did it for “weight reduction”), No 3rd break light, Nudity, Animal pornography & has been reported to the PETA & Eagle Pass Vegan Community for crashing into a birds nest en un mesquite ay por el parque. He also has a dog named dixie. Vendo tamales, inbox.