Ellwood City man has near death experience

James Spielvogel from 1812 Wartemburg road in Ellwood City Pa. was out back of his home cutting grass when he was attacked by a Bigfoot. The creature grabbed Spielvogel started to carry him off to the nearby woods but Spielvogel started to beat the creature with his oxigen bottle and was able to slow it down. Spielvogel’s wife Arlene seen what was happening and released there 145 pound German Shepard. The dog was able to latch on to the creatures testicular area and bring it to the ground. Spielvogel’s wife then proceeded to grab a broom and repeatedly shove it up the creature’s ass until it released Spielvogel and ran into the woods. Tom Wilson a neighbor witnessed the whole ordeal as he sat on his back porch simply said… It was the craziest fucking thing I ever seen.