Father and Son wanted!!!!!!!!

travis wright sr. and travis wright jr. are wanted by the police for a shooting that occurred Friday night around 8:30 p.m. we arrived on the scene at 8:43 p.m., and noticed a female crying in the hall. she said wright jr. smacked the fuck out of her while wright sr. sat there and said “you know what the five fingers say to the face ctfu cold blooded”. she then began to say how they ate all of her kids snacks(#r.n.s), and broke the toilet. they where last reported wearing a onesie and wright sr. was reportedly butt ass naked on some real weirdo shit but I’m just saying this shit is crazy put all the Scooby snacks up hide the oatmeal crรจme pies cause these motherfuckers is hungry. We are asking the public that if you see the father and son that you do not approach them because they are armed with bananas like donkey kong that will spin your world. But we would like to know where they are with the damn oatmeal crรจme pies, star crunch, zebra cakes, got damn I’m off topic, now I’m hungry but they got the game fucked up. please contact some fucking body

cause a nigga hungry

Contact info#
1-800-oatmeal crรจme pies dead ass tho nigga you robbed me and auntie when I see you its on sight …..that’s fucked up(run off like Stanley when he got his chain took) for the sake of the world fuck the rest of them snacks I just want the o.c.p’s