Former Gangster/Rapper from Dighton shuts down local methheads

Dighton,KS ~Breaking news!!!!! Former gangster Chaz Andrew Wilson makes strong stance against local meth heads. Chaz Wilson a.k.a The Don a.k.a Chazmanian Devil was quoted saying ” no more felatios for meth, get a job and pay for your drugs the old fashioned way”! Chaz is pressing his agenda to state that one can have fun and be young, but must have a job, a home, pay your bills, a vehicle and not put your dirty laundry on social media outlets in attempt to have the world pity you even though you can pick yourself up by the boot straps if you just tried. Chaz as well as other members of his “affiliation” feel strongly about this issue too. Chaz was also quoted saying “Suck it easy ‘Mr.Felatio’ … aint gonna do shit”!

Xoxo, gossip girl 🐸🍵