Ganesh sookdeo aka honey battles in court for gay rights..

We interviewed this yong man who is fighting for gay rights since he was ten years old!…wen ask the question of when did he realise he liked boys this was his response…ganesh said since he was 5 ,while showering his pinky finger slipped into his bottom an there an then he felt an urge for all 5 fingers…he said for years he have beed hiding an using his fingers until one day he met a guy know as touks,from that day his life changed,everyday they would go to play by the pond an there is when he tasted his first penis,after about a year of this penis exchange activities is wen he decide to fight for his gay rights so they can have a normal relationship because makin out by the pond was so hard (not harder than the penis he quote)but the sand flies n stuff.up to this date the battle is on in the high courts,but as he said the love he have for touks could never fade an he will battle to the very end!!..