Girl Dies In Savage Car Crash

Christine Jainarine AKA Chrissy, was said to be leaving home at 7:30 AM, to go to work, driving a Premio PPP 4351. Witnesses said that they saw the car was hit by a big truck, causing the Premio to roll over and over with The Late Christine Trapped Inside. Mother of the late, states that her daughter was a gem. Always tried her best to put a smile on her face as well as the people who knew her. She was always hard working and she was loved by everyone. The father of the late told the reporters that his daughter is his princess and he doesn’t believe she’s gone, He said, ‘She kissed me good bye, but that kissed is left on my cheek forever, knowing that you’re gone forever’, the said father cried. Leaving two sibling and two heart broken parent mourning. Co-workers also cried out, not believing this incident. Ministry of Education plays a role in this loss, for they have lost a very close genius like figure.