Guy known as Uncle Sdot knocks out bear

A man from the from an city in Ohio Youngstown to the exact pulls off the unbelievable. He told our reporter’s he had to refer to him as Uncle OG Sdot or he wouldn’t tell his story. Well Mr OG Sdot was traveling in Tennessee when he pulled over late at night to take a leak. He heard noise from the woods & seen a 400 lb bear staring him down. He said to himself I ain’t no sucka & asked the bear why he looking at him. The best the growled & aproached Mr OG Sdot. Me OG Sdot said he attacked before the bear even thought about killing him. He managed to get the best in a headlock & chocked it to sleep. We spoke with Lt Gaines of the Tennessee State Police he told us when he arrived in scene he existed the worst. But to his surprise Uncle OG Sdot was standing there out of breath & unharmed. He couldn’t believe it. LT Gaines said when he asked Mr OG Sdot how Mr OG Sdot replied saying he from Youngstown & aint scared of nothing. More on this story soon Uncle OG Sdot said he had to go burn up the highway hammer down