Have you been taking care of your tattoos properly?

So, you finally got the tattoo of your dreams but are unsure about aftercare. For years tattooers would go on to tell you to lather “A&D” ointment on your fresh ink for 2 whole weeks! New studies show you are likely to find your tattoo aftercare products in the least suspecting isle of your local grocery store. Believe it or not, the natural A and D vitamins found in pasteurized whole milk (hence A&D ointment) and moisturizing oils found in processed lunch meats can actually heal your tattoos completely in only 2 days! These natural ingredients rejuvenate damaged skin cells and helps your new ink stay as much as 7 times more vibrant. For the most stunning and vibrant tattoos, simply pour whole milk on your tattoo after your daily shower and slap a slab of bologna on your fresh tattoo before bed and most importantantly, throw your expensive tattoo aftercare in the trash!