Honda catches fire!!

In other news, in an attempt to do “tyres” local mediocre driver sets his car on fire. It is said that he was driving his overly loud ricer car while some pedestrians encouraged him to do a burnout.
The sparks from the worn out foreign used tires then came into contact with a faulty fuel line causing the “cornflakes box” as one pedestrian called it.
Another passers-by just walked pass the burning car with a look of disgust on his face while he steups. When interviewed by a channel 28 news reporter he said, ” I doh know why people does still fight up with them shit car inno, he shoulda buy a good car like a Nissan or a Mitsubishi!”
Attempts to contact the driver was unsuccessful but one source close to the individual said that he immediately flew out of the country in shame. Police are asking for anyone from the public to come forth with any information towards the suspect who’s only description was ” an Indian with plenty gel in his hair” and goes by the alias “Bobby”

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