Huge lottery win for Milton man

Thursday April 28th 2017 as a milton man was taking his Sister to school that early Thursday morning they stop at the store and picked up a $50 lottery ticket. After you drop his sister off at school he then proceeded to scratched off the ticket and he was scratching It Off I noticed you had three symbol they were like he then scratched off the symbol mark of what the times winning was and it was X5 he then went to the other part of the ticket not paying attention scratched it off and do not match any other symbols then he went over to the prize area where he got the 3 matching symbols he scratches it off and it says $1000000 so him not thanking he won because he over looked one of the symbols he stopped by the store to see if anyone had got one since he had they told him NO but he went back out and got it to see what number it was on and took it back in with him when he seen the number 069 he smiled the cashier then ask if he wanted her to scan it he said okay well when the cashier stand it she looked at him and said you can’t catch this in here he looked at her and said what come to find out the Milton Man one $5000000 they asked him what he was going to do and he said he was going to cash it in… that is the last we have seen of him..