Hungry Ghost Hunter Shoots Down Giant Bird

Amy Kovacs
Ravenna, Ohio

“What is this world coming to”, has probably popped up in you’re head by now, but let’s just hear this woman out.

In the early A.M on April 28th, 2017 a ghost hunter decided “enough was enough”!!!

After hearing numerous friends reporting back to her with giant bird sightings following her personal night time sighting,
she decided, it was time to fight back.

Amy said “I’ve always been afraid of giant birds and worried to the point that I use to hover over my child while she would run around the backyard”.

This woman feared a large enough bird could pick her daughter up and just “poof” fly her away, never to be seen again.

She tracked the bird(s) for weeks, driving her “1992 gas guzzler” obsessively compulsively up and down Newton Falls road in which runs from Ravenna Ohio into Charlestown, Ohio and along the Ravenna Arsenal fence.

Finally, right as she was about to lose all hope of ever seeing the 13ft wingspan bird again, there it sat perched on a telephone pole as she was passing by.

Initially, she had just planned to take a couple of pictures but after stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road and witnessing the threat to local children and family pets in the area, anger and adrenaline began to flow through her veins.

As quickly as she could, Amy grabbed her loaded 44 Caliber Magnum, jumped out of the car, and fired 2 bullets at the bird as it was attempting to fly away.

The second shot fired caused the bird to fall from a great height and hit the ground hard, stunning it. Afterwards she approached it cautiously hoping that it was still alive so she could study it, but it continued to lay motionless.

As Amy got up close to it, she claims it came back to life. Out of reaction she fired the rest of the bullets into the bird’s belly. “I feel so bad for the giant bird but I don’t think it should go to waste” she told our reporters and after further elaborating, revealed that she has “Big Plans” to eat it. Growing up she was taught that you don’t kill an animal unless you are going to eat it.

When we asked Amy why she wanted to eat it she replied “Dude, I love me some chicken”.
and then told us that she cant wait to compare the taste of it to the other types of poultry that we normally eat. She promised us that she would let us know which one it’s closest to in comparison.

The police are currently investigating the report but they say “she refuses to give up the location of the corpse”. She told officials that if she gives up the body of the bird, that she is almost positive that they will not let her eat it” and that “it’s a risk that she isn’t willing to take”.

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