Inland Empire area biker evades law enforcement in high speed persuit on I15 freeway

Riverside County sheriffs’ dept and CHP were unsuccessful in apprehending a motorcyclist who led multiple agencies in a daring and intense high speed pursuit which lasted over an hour through two counties on the 15 freeway north at speeds of well over 100 mph. The biker ultimately managed to evade the CHP near Barstow in heavy traffic by splitting lanes at speeds exceeding 130 mph. Riverside county sheriff deputies stated that the motorcycle, a Harley Davidson Dyna, bore no license plate, was (in their words) fast as all fuck, and that their driving skills were poorly matched against the obvious prowess of the biker who clearly had zero fucks to give about the law and a general disregard for all things. “At one point he even taunted us by flipping us the bird and yelling: Kiss my motherfucking ass!”