K24 All Motor Civic EG6 detroys 1200 bhp R35 GTR

Kypoga of the Greek tuning group, Extreme Tuna of Athens Greece, destroyed a Nismo today with his latest drag racing K24 powered Honda Civic. The dragster actually traveled back into time because with its intense acceleration, because of this, Kypoga himself has told us what his special recipe was in making this car look so delicious. The death defying Civic has been equipped with a cornucopia of adamantium laced parts, including:
Arugula carbon fiber infused compressor housings.
25 to 1 pecan encrusted compression ratio.
Vodka dipped Hua Kili Saganaki inflamed exhaust housings.
Titanium soaked pork souvlaki with kalamata olive oil lubricant all running on a
Destroked roasted Lamb spit crankshaft, with carbon linoleum adjustable compression ratio connecting rods.
14 variable speed forward adjusting sequential transmission, with the optional hot potato shifter were also used.
Archimedes Death Ray was harnessed to provide fuel for this beast, imported especially from 300 years ago.
Keep an eye on this car as next month they mount a laser sintered fully bio degradable turbocharger, borrowed from a formula one dyno cell roof ventilation extractor, which will be mounted to a trailer as space in the front of the car has become limited.
When asked about the unorthodox mounting of the trailer mounted Bolt ons, Kypoga replied: β€œBro no matter who ok, you me, I can beat all kinds of Americans when towing trailer weaks my racing civics. I have formula 1 technology . Everything you make is fake Chinese, the world was formed in Greece, I am the best.” Touch your self lol