Kansas City Cancels Draft Party at Arrowhead

Kansas City, Mo.-The Kansas City Chiefs have cancelled a party for the 2017 NFL Draft due to illegal sales of tickets. The party was to be held on Thursday, April 27. A spokesperson for the organization said that the tickets given to Season Ticket Members through the Chiefs Kingdom Reward website. Members earn points in many different ways such as ticket purchasing, parking pass and concessions, using social media sites in conjunction with the Chiefs, browsing the website among other options. The tickets in question were “purchased” with points earned, not actual cash. Some not so savory fans have been selling the tickets for up to $200 cash for a pair on different sale websites (i.e. Craigslist, Ebay & Facebook sale sites). One huge Chiefs fan is very unhappy about this turn of events. Tim V, co-owner of the Nuthin But Noise fan bus said the following, “I think the fact that you get these Draft Day Party tickets for free, well not free, you earn them, but you pay with your rewards points, not actual cash. Hell I redeemed mine with the points I earned just for purchasing my season tickets again. If you are going to redeem points to get the tickets for the party then use them, or give to fellow fans that really wanted to attend, Be a fan man!” The organization will in fact save a large sum of money by not holding a Draft Day party as they receive nothing monetary for tickets in return. Tim V. also added “If you are pissed off right now while reading this story please note that you just got punked! See ya at the party!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!”