Keishawn Armor Dies From Getting Shot

Minnesota most wated better known for his street name Kstain was shot and killed on the eastside of st.paul on Payne the female who saw it called the cops. The incident began around 11:22 am. They believe that Keishawn was shot by a westside gang member in ABK the female says there were 2 others were involved in the shooting witch lead to someone losing a child but the female says Kstain was with a small group of men from Payne also known as PBK. The Minnesota most hated was shot 7 times four times in the back two times in the leg one time in the head and one time in his arm. But now we have group of men Keishawn was with. And they say a brawl happend on Payne between the gang PBK and ABK and and gun shots was fired out of a moving car. We are looking for the car now that did the hit and run attempting to kill Keishawn aka the most hated. Keishawn family will be contacted and to let know that their child was shot and killed.