24 year old teen from whim village Guyana commits suicide due to some shocking change of events.
The teenager was last seen on Wednesday 28th April, 2017. Reporters have gathered information from his nearby relatives and it was reported that the teen was quite depressed lately. He also took time off to post on social media about suicide before committing the act. The teen is reported to be very cheerful and energetic.The news of him committing suicide was shocking to both his parents and relatives. However the reason why the teen committed suicide is still unknown as the teen is usually self contained and does not socialize much when at home.The teen is well known to have a lot of friends and the members of the family are trying to get into contact with them to inquire the likely reason behind this action of their son.
Don’t panic peeps this is just a false report aka a prank done by a friend. Cheers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚