Lavelle Davis jr (18) charged with (2) counts aggravated assault and possession of an unlawful firearm

Lavelle Davis of egg harbor city Nj , was apprehended by Rowan university police in glassboro Nj Wednesday. Davis was seen stealing condoms and dutches from the local 7/11 on campus. When a clerk approached Davis and told him to put everything back or he’s calling the police Davis began swearing at the clerk and threatening his life and became very hostile he then smacked the clerk and walked out the store and began to smoke marjijuana out front of 7/11. The clerk then Called the glassboro police department and alerted the department of the situation. When rowan police arived Davis reeked marijuana and was very Uncooperative. Davis was told to put his hands behind his back but instead charged at our officers and punched one to the ground. Officers then scuffled with Davis and were able to arrest him. Upon searching Davis a firearm was found on Davis (.380) also found on him were various amounts of unpaid for 7/11 items. Davis is now Locked in our Gloucester county jail facility with a bail of $150,000

Any other information known about this incident please call