Lebron James Father Found in Georgia

After an exhaustive search of the national and worldwide D.N.A. Data bases by Lebron James, his family and the Cleveland Cavaliers,
Curtis J. Randolph, a 58 year old from Riverdale, Georgia was determined to be The father of N.B.A. Superstar James.

When contacted by James attorney Mr. Randolph reported that he has never been to Cleveland and does not recall ever meeting Lebron’s mother but he is extremely happy and shocked regarding these recent events.

When informed the D.N.A. Results were 99.9 percent accurate Mr. Randolph was speechless and emotional but expressed his concerns regarding child support and stated he hopes he does not have to pay back child support that may be owed.

Mr. Randolph lives in Riverdale with his wife Cassandra and between them they have six children. Mr. Randolph is also the step father of former N.B.A. Player Josh Powell.

Lebron could not be reached for comment.