LEH woman WANTED for ARSON after Blowing up a home in the…

April 27th 2017 8:19pm

LEH woman wanted tonight for ARSON after blowing up a home in the Cranberry Creek section of LEH.
Police, Fire & EMS responded earlier to a home in the Cranberry Creek section of LEH where 40% of the home was engulfed in flames including a vehicle located in the driveway. Homeowners reported a woman, later known by police to be Kristina Listes, 33, also of LEH, as the person who started the fire outside of the residence on or near the vehicle.
The homeowners believed this was due to an argument that took place on one of the Group FACEBOOK sites for town. Anyone that knows the where abouts of LISTES is asked to call LEHPD @ 1-800-kiss*my*motherfuckin*ASS
It cud have been true tho lol