Live At Nine Band Refuses To Play Mustang Sally At Local Event. ACLU Steps In And Files Class Action Law Suit

On March 28th, The Luve At Nine Band was the featured entertainment at Chuck’s Blues Alley. During the show, a group of intoxicated women demanded that the band play a rendition of Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally”. According to a witness, one of the band members one of the women that the show would be finished shortly and the band would not be able to honor the request. The women became irrate and stormed off the stage. Several days later, the band was slapped with a class action lawsuit. At a press conference, Myron Treed of the ACLU said “It is every persons basic fundamental right to hear Mustang Sally while intoxicated. Denial of the right is a violation of the 88th amendment”. Live At Nine had no comment.