Local East Bank man accused of drinking everyday. Neighbors say,” makes them uncomfortable”

Local residents in the town of East bank have began to voice their concern on the drinking down one of their streets.
Ferry street resident Kevin Dorsey has been spotted numerous times drinking out by the road and falling into sandboxes. One local spoke will us on the subject.
East bank local Zane Stewart described to us what he sees everyday. ” I go outside and there he is, sittin in a lawn chair trying to give my son a sip of beer” says Zane, ” I do let Trenton drink, but I’d rather my neighbor give me some beer first. Kevin’s a good guy, just gets drunk and try’s to move off the block and falls off porches”
Residents will go to vote on whether or not Kevin Dorsey should be brought in on public intox charges, but last meeting he attended he had an altercation with a woman and told her to,” Fuck off you outta state biotchhh”
More on this later this evening.