Local Resident is published!!!!

For almost a year now, local pet owner, Amy Burch, has been observing the sleep behaviors of her two dogs, Cinnamon and Cricket. She has done extensive research and spent many tedious hours working equations and graphing to be sure the outcome of this ‘experiment’ was indeed collaborated correctly.
Now, that results are available, Ms. Burch intends to publish her work in “Doggie Daily”, the well renowned magazine all dogs prefer.
Research finds that when you think your dog is just taking a little rest, they are actually in a state of very deep doggie mediation to prepare themselves for a nap. The nap phase takes effect (this phase can last from 1-7 hours depending on what your particular surroundings are.) In extreme calm, the napping phase sets in deep, often including snoring, drool, and occasionally extreme cases of flatulance.
No need for concern, this is all very normal. Once the nap phase has completed, your dog may actually get up and eat or drink……however don’t be concerned if this doesn’t happen!! Some dogs skip the eating phase occasionally, and proceed directly to the final phase…..actual sleep. This is the phase in which your pet pretends to be sleeping, however is actually plotting against all your shoes and anything of value. At this time, if you own two or more dogs, they also make a pact that they will only chew up your most precious possessions and not dare touch one of their own toys!!
Ms Burch, when reached for comment, exclaimed “QUIET!! I must not interrupt any phase of my dogs daily routine!!!”
Congratulations Ms. Burch on your first publishing and we look forward to your upcoming article in “Reptile Razzle” about how exactly do frogs keep their butts safe during hopping!