Local Student at Patrick Henry High School charged with murder after local teen steals his Hot wings.

This took place Thursday April 27th at 4:40 pm after Sharod Hairston just got down watching Beyonce music videos. He headed out to go get some wings from Bdubs. After he received his wings he walk out of the mall and got into a car. A girl ran into the car and grabbed his wings and ran. Sharod hopped in the Divers seet and hit that winch. He put her in the truck and drove to 8th street. He goes into this house. After he cut he toes and fingers of and cut that hoe bald. Then he put her in a tub of acid while she was alive and watched her burn. He put all of this Snapchat @Saucysharod, add him for more deeds, he is still missing, please find him. If you have any regards of his where abouts contact us @ 540-385-9327. The only lead we have is him leaving Taco Bell and saying “That bitch took my wings so I took her life.”